The inveus Trading Awards comprise a CFD contest package that includes 3 contests:

  1. Trading World Cup (main contest)
  2. Swing Challenge (ancillary contest)
  3. EA Challenge (ancillary contest)

You can trade in each contest separately; however, participation in the ancillary contests is contingent upon participation in the main contest – the Trading World Cup. All trading activities will be conducted with the trading platform MetaTrader 4, which can be locally installed or used on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets; there is also a browser-based web edition.

You will trade via a virtual trading account with virtual start-up capital of USD 10,000 per contest. CFDs on indices, commodities and Forex will be available for trading.

In the main contest final, trading will be done in real money accounts, into which USD 10,000 has been deposited. A separate prize will be offered for each contest. For the ancillary contests, the organiser offers the respective winners the option to trade in the respective cash prize for a different alternative, which may be more worthwhile. In addition to the contests, the organizer will offer a variety of specials that yield genuine added values for CFD and Forex traders.

Nothing. Participation is completely free of charge.

All the following services are included in the participation package:

  • Participation in the main trading contest Trading World Cup and therefore:
  • 10 qualification rounds (calendar months) for the final
  • Max. 10 entries into the draw for a Wildcard that renders the winner eligible to participate in the final free of charge, flights and hotel accommodation included
  • Participation in the ancillary contest Swing Challenge
  • Participation in the ancillary contest EA Challenge
  • StereoTrader CFD trading platform with powerful trading features (60 days free trial)
  • Webcast ticket for LIVE streaming final broadcasts (reduced fee)

All three contests will officially begin on January 1 at 11 pm CET with trading in the virtual trading accounts and will end on December 15, 2017, at 11

Yes, you can register at any time while main contest is ongoing as long as you do so no later than up to the last Sunday of October 2017.

The brokerage firm is ActivTrades®. The company is domiciled in London and FCA regulated.

No, you have the option to keep your current broker. But to participate in the Trading Awards, you have to open virtual trading accounts with ActivTrades.

None. ActivTrades® supports the inveus Trading Awards and does not require participants to open live accounts or enter into any other obligations of any kind. The only commitment on your part will be the receipt of a monthly newsletter featuring product placements of the broker, the organiser and/or the sponsors.

All trading will take place in virtual trading accounts that have USD 10,000 of start-up capital in them. The start-up capital will be provided to the participant as soon as he or she has registered successfully, even if the registration was completed while the contest is already underway.

To automatically qualify for the final, which will be hosted from December 1 – 15, 2017 at a luxury hotel in Spain, a trader will have to generate the highest equity in his/her trading account ONCE between January and October. The equity will be determined on the second-to-last calendar day of each month.

Every time a new calendar month begins, the trading balance is reset to the start-up capital of USD 10,000. Hence, every trader has a total of 10 chances to qualify as the best trader for the final if he or she participates as of the official start date of contest in January 2017!

Besides the 10 finalists from the qualification rounds, there will be an 11th finalist who is rendered eligible to participate in the final as the winner of a Wildcard.

Once 50% of a participant’s start-up capital has been lost, the account is blocked. In this case, the participant has the option to wait for the reset in the new calendar month or he/she can have his/her account released and reset to USD 10,000 immediately by paying a release fee of EUR 9.90.

In the final, all 11 finalists will trade in real money accounts that contain USD 10,000 each. The trader who retains the highest equity on 12/15/2017 at 11 pm CET will be crowned the inveus Trading World Champion and will take home USD 100,000 in prize money along with all the profits generated above the start-up capital. All finalists will receive 50% of the profits they have traded.

The winner of the Wildcard, who will be drawn on November 4, 2017 at 6pm CET, will be eligible to participate in the Trading World Cup final as the 11th trader. His or her plane ticket (economy class) and hotel accommodations are part of the prize.

The Trading World Cup final will begin on Friday, December 1, 2017 at 8 am CET and will end on December 15, 2017 at 11 pm CET.

All 10 finalists who qualified with the highest equity from January to October, as well as the Wild Card winner, will not have to pay for the journey to the final. The Organiser will pay for the flights (Economy class) and the hotel stay as well as entry to various events offered by the Organiser for the duration of the final.

The main contest winner will be crowned the inveus Trading World Champion and will receive USD 100,000 in prize money plus all the profits he or she has generated above the start-up capital. All other finalists will receive 50% of the profits they have generated above their start-up capital.

Yes. If the equity of a finalist drops to 50% of the start-up capital or lower, the finalist will be eliminated. If 10 finalists have generated more than 50% in losses, they will all be eliminated and the 11th finalist will automatically win the contest. This may happen before the scheduled contest end date.

The final will take place at the Marriott AC Forum Hotel in Barcelona.

Yes, our camera crew will be in the trading room (virtually) around the clock during the final and will live stream the final as a webcast to the entire world.

If you are a participant, the price for access to the webcast is reduced to EUR 9,90. Non-participants who want to watch the final have the option to buy a ticket for EUR 19.90.

Participation in the Swing Challenge is complimentary if you have registered for the main contest. You will be able to transact discretionary trades right away using your USD 10,000 in start-up capital. Robots are not admissible. If you want to work with a robot, choose the EA Challenge. You will have CFDs on indices, commodities and Forex at your disposal. This virtual trading account will not be reset until the contest is over; hence you can trade without any interruptions.

The winner of the Swing Challenge will be the participant who has the highest equity in his or her account after opening no more then a maximum of 25 Trades per month by the end of the main contest, i.e. on December 15, 2017 at 11 pm CET.

If you win the Swing Challenge, you will have a choice between two prizes: either USD 10,000 in cash prize money or the option to manage one of the organiser’s real money CFD accounts with EUR 100,000 in start-up capital for an entire year. In return, you will receive a 50% share of the profits above the start-up capital.

Participation in the EA Challenge is also complimentary if you have registered for the main contest. During the EA Challenge you can use a trading robot (Expert Advisor) to manage your virtual trading account. To do this, you will have access to USD 10,000 in start-up capital as soon as you have registered.
The winner of the EA Challenge will be the participant whose robot (Expert Advisor) has generated the highest account equity on December 15, 2017 at 11 pm CET.

If you win the EA Challenge with your robot, you will have the option to choose between USD 5,000 in cash prize money or the opportunity to sell your robot on the inveus Trading Awards platform. In return you will receive 50% of the sales revenues for each EA sold. You will get to set the price for your robot.

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