Trading Awards ended.

After the organizer had already cancelled the Trading World Cup in January and suspended the Funder Chellenge, the entire project of the inveus Trading Awards is now being closed and the Funder Challenge will not be continued on March 1.

inveus has managed in 2017 to give private traders around the world the pleasure to participate in extraordinary and unique trading projects with the 2017 Trading Awards. The entire costs including production, marketing, prize money and the elaborate final of the Trading World Cup in Barcelona were financed by inveus from its own resources. inveus was always looking for and in discussions with powerful sponsors who wanted to participate in the lead business and invest - unfortunately unsuccessful.

In 2018, the success of the previous year was continued with the new partner broker JFD. However, after several highly anticipated and promising sponsorship contracts failed again, the Trading World Cup had to be cancelled. In addition, already in the first two weeks of the year high investments in the live accounts of the Funder Challenge were destroyed. Too many traders took too much risk with the capital of the organizer, although a long-term worthwhile cooperation and the start of an independent trader career would have been the meaning and earned reward for more patience.

Therefore, inveus is forced to completely break up the project Trading Awards, because resources are not infinite and without financially strong sponsors as well as (and especially) successful participants, ie traders, the total costs are no longer controllable.

inveus thanks all participants and partners, especially JFD Brokers and BörseGo for their trust and excellent cooperation. We wish all friends, fans and traders around the world continued success on their way, whether with or without trading.

Alltime good trading!