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Introducing: your second chance!

With the next generation of virtual trading games. Made for CFD and Forex traders around the world. Free. For beginners, advanced and professionals.

The Trading Awards 2017 were a succès d'estime. And now we're upping the ante and making way for the next generation of trading competitions: with real money!

The Awards 2018 NG Challenges have a lot of great trading features in store for you. And with the joint strength of our multi-award-winning partners, JFD Brokers and Guidants, you will quickly see why we are delighted to call the Trading Awards 2018 Next Generation!

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What can you expect?

Trading World Cup, Swing & EA Challenge

A total of USD 115,000 in prize money...

The 2017 competition may still be on, but we've already put our heads together and are proud to present you with the Trading Awards 2018 NG. But we first have to determine the Trading World Champion 2017 between 1 to 15 December in Barcelona!

Road to Dubai

Be the CFD Trading World Champion 2018!

inveus, JFD Brokers and Guidants are giving you the chance to become the new CFD and Forex Trading World Champion 2018 - for free. As a finalist in Dubai, you can win USD 100,000 in prize money and 50% of the profit. Flights and hotel included!

The Funder Challenge

New: Trade real starting capital in Live Accounts!

Do you think you're a good trader and are looking for investors? We can help! In the Funder Challenge, you will be given the chance to trade USD 10,000 real starting capital and receive up to 50% of the profit. As often as you wish!

Be the winner - with JFD Brokers!

Just fair and direct. That's our firm belief!

Which is precisely why we chose JFD Brokers for the 2018 awards. Get to know our award-winning Broker with its improved MetaTrader platform (MT4+) and its direct and transparent execution model.

10,000 Wildcard Lots

Go to the World Cup Finals in Dubai — for just EUR 9.90!

Starting January 2018, traders around the world will be able to buy Wildcard lots without taking part in the competitions. The winner of the raffle will take part in the trading finals in Dubai for free: flights, accommodation and events included!

Trading Awards on Guidants

Guidants + JFD = successful trading!

Be the CFD Trading World Champion 2018 and trade USD 10,000 in real starting capital in the Funder Challenge. Don't miss out on the (probably) best competitive advantage you will ever have with the award-winning chart and analysis tool, Guidants!

Here it is: The new Trader World!

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Powered by MetaTrader.

Trade anytime and anywhere you want.

The Trading Awards are traded in MetaTrader, the world's most-used platform for CFD and Forex trading. MetaTrader runs on Android and iOS. You can trade from home on your PC, on the road on your smartphone or tablet. Or even through a web browser, without having to install anything!

Tradable markets

JFD offers you all liquid financial instruments, such as CFDs, for the competition: Forex, indices, commodities and even shares. It gives you a huge choice of markets to become the Trading World Champion and/or get real funding!


The Ultimate Guide to Dubai

This ebook is a must read!

The 60+ page Ultimate Guide to Dubai 2018 explains the rules and procedures of the Trading Awards in clear language. Like the 2017 guide, the detailed description of the two challenges and the many tips this PDF guide contains make it a recipe for the success that will get you to the Trading World Cup finals or get you Funding!