The EA Challenge

We're looking for: the best trading robot in the world!

What is the EA Challenge?

In the EA Challenge every developer of fully automated trading systems has the chance to show off a trading robot (Expert Advisor) of their choice in MetaTrader 4. This competition lasts as long as the main event, namely from 1 January to 15 December 2017. The developer of the Expert Advisor that shows the highest equity in his account at the end of the competition will be inveus's first EA Champion.

This is how it works:

When you register for the main competition, the Trading World Cup, you are automatically entitled to take part in the EA Challenge. All you have to do is select it when you register. The EA Challenge also runs in parallel with the main competition, namely from 1 January 2017, 23:00 CET to 15 December 2017, 23:00 CET.

And just like for the Trading World Cup and/or the Swing Challenge, ActivTrades will send you the login credentials for the virtual account for the EA Challenge by email.

What are EAs?

Trading Robots

Let's start by explaining what the EA Challenge is, the participation requirements and whether this contest is right for you: EA stands for Expert Advisor, which is software, or more generally, a program that enables an account to be traded automatically without the trader ever having to open, manage and close positions. Many traders refer to these programs as robots or simply bots.

What are the terms and conditions of participation?

Our EA Challenge offers all traders the opportunity to run their profitable trading strategy with an EA in the third virtual account of the Trading Awards. All you have to do is automate a strategy. This requires writing code that converts the strategy into an algorithm enabling it to run 24 hours non-stop without any manual intervention from the trader—except maybe to tweak the program.

Rights to the program code

If you want to use an EA that you did not write, you will have to own all of the rights to it or the developer will have to give you permission to use it in the challenge. The organiser and the broker will check the virtual accounts to make sure trading was carried out by the robots.

If your EA wins the competition without the developer knowing that you used it in the competition, you will be stripped of your title and may even be prosecuted. So, please only use an EA in the challenge that you own the rights to.

Where can I get a good EA?

You can buy EAs online. If you use a purchased EA in the challenge, you must inform the supplier and obtain the rights of use.

The code that automates trading strategies is usually written by professional programmers who are often traders and familiar with the trading platforms on which EAs are used. If you want to take part in the EA Challenge, you will need a robot for MetaTrader 4 that runs your strategy automatically—24/7—without you having to do anything manually. You will find a lot of programmers in the forum on the website of MetaQuotes, the developer of the MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms.

What can I win?

What is my EA worth?

If you have the highest equity in your third virtual account at the end of the EA Challenge, you will win this challenge and be inveus's EA Champion. And you will be royally rewarded! We will contact you immediately at the end of the competition and present you with the following options:

  • We can transfer USD 5,000 in prize money to your account or
  • We can sell your EA to a global audience on the inveus Trading Awards platform. We will agree on the price and split the proceeds 50/50.



The Ultimate Guide to Barcelona

The Ultimate Guide to Barcelona explains the rules and procedures of the Trading Awards in clear language.

The detailed description of the three challenges and the many tips make the guide a recipe for the success that will get you to the Trading World Cups finals!

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