Just fair & direct.

That's what we stand for!

Fairness is one of our core values, and we believe everybody has the right to a fair and direct treatment, whether they are an employee, a client or a partner.

Based on the belief that transparency and a direct approach is key to a win-win relationship, we operate a pure agency model, where we have effectively managed to establish a unique virtuous cycle where your success is our success!

We are fair. That makes us different!

Our vision is simple: to enable you to trade better. Your interests have the highest priority at JFD. We offer one pricing and account model for customers with very narrow core spreads as well as more than 500+ trading instruments in eight asset classes. Moreover, we are the first Broker to offer 100% transparency with our post-trade transparency report. Click here to learn more!

We are direct. You decide about your trades!

You may have already heard about our 100% DMA/STP agency model, but what is it? DMA stands for Direct Market Access, which is when all your trades are forwarded directly to the market. At JFD, we act strictly as an intermediary (agency) between clients and liquidity providers (LPs). This is called STP and stands for straight-through processing.

JFD is connected to 20+ LPs (tier-1 banks, non-bank LPs and MTFs), meaning that you get the best price available for your trades. In contrast to other brokers that act as market makers, we don't earn anything from your losses—only from your commissions. There is no conflict of interest whatsoever.

Would you like to know more about us?


As a broker built by traders for traders, our goal is give you the best trading experience ever. We provide solutions that meet your requirements 100%. For example, we offer a vast range of trading platforms that are connected and interconnected with each other and enable you to trade more flexibly.


We do not discriminate traders based on their deposit, trade volume or experience. Everyone receives the same conditions at JFD and trades under the same requirements. This means fewer complications and more time for the one thing that really matters: trading!

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Trade anytime and anywhere you want!

The new Funder Challenge traded in MetaTrader, the world's most-used platform for CFD and Forex trading. MetaTrader runs on Android and iOS. You can trade from home on your PC, on the road on your smartphone or tablet. Or even through a web browser, without having to install anything!

JFD offers you all liquid financial instruments, such as CFDs, for the competition: Forex, indices, commodities and even shares. It gives you a huge choice of markets to get real funding!

Trading 2.0 with Guidants!

Take your trading strategy to a new level...

The Guidants browser-based investment and analysis platform enables you to use your own technical and fundamental approach through its configurable desktops and wide selection of free widgets. Supported by JFD Brokers's unique IT infrastructure and lightning fast connection, this advanced platform gives you a unique trading environment with configurable working environments.

You can take part in the Funder Challenge with Guidants from March, 1st.