Take your chance!

Trading World Cup 2018

New game. New luck!

The first ever CFD Trading World Champion will be determined in exciting finals in Barcelona in December 2017. The winner will receive USD 100,000 in prize money plus profit. We're looking for a worthy successor in 2018 — in Dubai! Will the 2017 World Champion be able to defend his or her title in 2018? At least he doesn't have to qualify. He will be up against 10 finalists who will qualify from January to October by having the highest equity in a given month. A wildcard winner will also compete in the finals. With Dubai, we have yet again selected a fantastic venue for the second finals in 2018.

New: The Funder Challenge

A lot of traders around the world have been waiting for this!

Month in month out, we watched a lot of talented traders trade in the 2017 Trading World Cup. A lot of them ranked among the top 20 but were never able to qualify for the finals. That's why we started the new Funder Challenge: to offer all traders the unique chance to qualify for access to a Live Account with a starting capital of USD 10,000! Participants can also receive up to 50% of the profit — throughout the competition and only based on the drawdown.


The Ultimate Guide to Dubai

This ebook is a must read!

The 60+ page Ultimate Guide to Dubai 2018 explains the rules and procedures of the Trading Awards in clear language. Like the 2017 guide, the detailed description of the two challenges and the many tips this PDF guide contains make it a recipe for the success that will get you to the Trading World Cup finals or get you Funding!