Funder Challenge

Trade real starting capital

That's what NG stands for!

From the beginning, the Trading World Cup ranking has shown month after month that the world has a lot of talented traders. Even if they don't qualify for the Trading World Cup finals, they will have increased the amount in their demo accounts several times over ‒ without fussing over indicators and with very moderate drawdowns.


What is different here?

Social Trading vs. Funding - No followers, no earnings!

In order to earn money on social trading platforms, you have to go through 'careers' and build up a track record in order to find followers. Because if you don't have followers, you don't earn anything! The organisers are either the broker for their platform or work with the brokers who pay them the highest commission.


Our ship. Your command.

YOU are the steersman!

In the Funder Challenge, you are free to trade as you wish and decide what, when, where, how often and in which timeframes you trade. You can use all of the tools that are available on the MetaTrader 4 or 5 platform, including Expert Advisor. Semi-automatic trailing stops or take profit? Why not. Fully automatic trading with EAs? Why not. Or a mixture of the two? Again, why not!


How do you qualify?

Double the amount in your Demo Account!

100 percent profit and a drawdown below 30 percent. Those are our only conditions for USD 10,000 in funding! You don't think it's possible? Then you don't believe in yourself! Look at our rankings A lot of traders show that it’s possible and more importantly: replicable. The time window is open. Take your time and don't put yourself under pressure but trade wisely and as if you were trading with real money! The Funder Challenge is not a competition. It's your chance at starting your own business!


The maximum drawdown

A realistic risk assessment!

How and why do we measure your maximum drawdown?

The maximum drawdown is a globally recognised and very realistic risk assessment of private and institutional traders. We will assess your maximum drawdown in percent and adjust the qualification for funding in the Demo Account and the profitshare in the Live Account accordingly. Make sure you know exactly how the drawdown works and adapt the way you manage your money in the Funder Challenge!

The Rebuy

Rebuy or wait. Up to you.

It's your call: if your maximum drawdown in the Demo Account reaches or exceeds 30%, we will block your account. In this case, you have the option to wait and try to qualify for funding again next month. Or you can buy a Rebuy for EUR 9.90 and immediately reset your account to the starting capital of USD 10,000.


Your funding

Doubled the amount in your demo account?

Good luck! This is what happens from here: as soon as you qualify for funding, we will block your Demo Account and ask you to trade one of our live accounts. If you accept and take care of all of the formalities set out in the Terms & Conditions of Participation, you will be given access to an MT4 account at JFD Brokers with a real starting capital of USD 10,000.


Cash or Crash

Double your balance, double your earnings.

Your Live Account will also be continually reset to USD 10,000 starting capital, which you can double just like you did with your Demo Account. And as far as your timeframe is concerned for the Live Account: it's open. There are only two scenarios for the Live Account: you either lose 50% of your starting capital and get out or you double your equity and get a fair profitshare from us based only on your maximum drawdown.



Profitshare for 30% profit plus X

PayDay is twice a year: if you qualify for funding, but don't want to spend as much time trading as a day trader, you can still benefit from profit sharing in our Funder Challenge! You don't necessarily have to double the amount in your account: twice a year, on 30 June and 30 December, you can request that your share of the profit be paid out early if you have made at least a 30% profit on your starting capital.


Become a PRO Trader

Trade with a starting capital up to USD 100,000!

This is how you get more starting Capital: the conditions under which you trade bigger accounts are very simple in the Funder Challenge: you must double the amount in your Live Account three times in a row and the maximum drawdown may not exceed 30% each time. If you succeed in doing this with your standard USD 10,000 Live Account, you will receive the status PRO Trader Bronze. You can also move up to Silver or Gold, againafter you have doubled your account three times in a row with a maximum drawdown below 30%.

Your starting capital

  • Bronze: USD 25.000
  • Silver: USD 50.000
  • Gold: USD 100.000

The Club

Collect Trading Points!

Attractive prizes await you: as a PRO Trader, your Bronze status automatically gives you access to the Trading Awards Club. You will be able to access for as long as you are a PRO Trader. As a PRO Trader you not only get a higher starting capital and profitshare, but also valuable prizes for your professional trading services!



The Ultimate Guide to Dubai

This ebook is a must read!

The 60+ page Ultimate Guide to Dubai 2018 explains the rules and procedures of the Trading Awards in clear language. Like the 2017 guide, the detailed description of the two challenges and the many tips this PDF guide contains make it a recipe for the success that will get you to the Trading World Cup finals or get you Funding!