Welcome to Guidants!

Make sure you take advantage of the (possibly) most decisive competitive advantage—with Guidants!

Your personalisable investment and analysis platform will accompany you from the first idea to the trade. See for yourself how it can help you on your way to funding, for example, with the exclusive inveus desktop. It's the only place you'll find all of the information and tools you need for the competition: from real-time push messages to tailor-made widgets.

Place all your bets on your funding—and on Guidants!

Guidants will be available in English very soon!

If you don't know Guidants yet:

Here are the key Features.


Your personal financial market overview

All of the changes at Dow Jones, Gold & Co. at a glance. Or would you prefer to monitor more exotic instruments? Put together the real-time push data that you need to be successful - in seconds!


Your professional analysis platform

Whether chart or basic—you cannot analyse markets more professionally. Guidants gives you a wide selection of useful Widgets and Tools.


Your social stock market and financial network

Follow the stock market and financial experts on Guidants: chat with them and other users in the stream or share your knowledge and data, e.g. charts, just by dragging and dropping them.


Your secure trading platform

Take the last step with Guidants: trade directly with JFD Brokers from the platform. The environment and your data are of course secure.

Use every opportunity to win when you're on the road: With the Guidants app!


Track your watch lists, prices and accounts easily with the app. Anytime and anywhere!


Design the app's layout and contents to your personal requirements. You decide what you need and what you don't.

Push Notifications

Always up-to-date thanks to push notifications for price alerts, expert contributions and more!

Always in sync

Immediate synchronisation of your watch lists, charts, expert streams, price alerts or the Godmode Trader premium services with guidants.com


If you are already a Guidants user, you can directly participate in the inveus Funder Challenge with your existing Guidants account and without having to install a third-party platform or software.


No worries: If you aren't a user yet and would like to learn more about Guidants, we have a great offer for you! Register through inveus for the Trading Awards and get immediate access to Guidants. We will explain the key functions to you in videos and webinars and will also answer all your questions.

Take advantage of the personal desktop that is generated specially for you and contains all of the analysis tools that will help you increase your chances to get funded. You'll have access to expert opinions, real-time prices through push notifications and a lot more!

Using Guidants to trade with JFD — How does it work?

Guidants is a multi-brokerage platform, meaning users who have a portfolio with one of our partners can sell and buy directly through Guidants. The safety of your data is our highest priority.

You can log in to your account at JFD with your broker login and immediately take part in the challenge without having to leave the platform!

Guidants will be available in English very soon!