Ranking 2018


The ranking is split into groups. Each group lists the 20 best traders around the world per competition, account type and amount of starting capital. The challenge you are taking part in determines the group you are in. You can be listed in two groups if you are taking part in both competitions and are among the top 20 in each.


If you are not among the top 20, you can always view your current position in your competition with the MyPerformance tool, which is available for free in the Member Area. In addition to your ranking, you will find a lot of information about your performance!



The Ultimate Guide to Dubai

This ebook is a must read!

The 60+ page Ultimate Guide to Dubai 2018 explains the rules and procedures of the Trading Awards in clear language. Like the 2017 guide, the detailed description of the two challenges and the many tips this PDF guide contains make it a recipe for the success that will get you to the Trading World Cup finals or get you Funding!