Trading World Cup 2017


From January to October 2017, the 10 finalists who had the highest equity in their account in one of the 10 months of the competition will have qualified for the inveus Trading Awards Trading World Cup. The winner of the Wildcard raffle on 6 November will also take part.


We will be broadcasting the trading finals live from 1 to 16 December. Our webcast will be broadcast from four camera positions:

cameras 1 and 2 will broadcast directly from the trading room, camera 3 will broadcast the interviews or events, such as day trips with the finalists, or the award ceremony on demand.


Starting Friday 1 December at 8am CET our finalists will be competing in the Marriott AC Forum Hotel for two weeks to become the CFD and Forex Trading World Champion. The starting capital: USD 10,000. The prize money for the winner and first Trading World Champion 2017: USD 100,000 plus the profit he or she made above the starting capital. The other finalists will also be rewarded with 50% of the profit they made.

And the best part:

We installed a screen-sharing tool on channel 4 that will broadcast all of the finalists' trading screens. This enables you to follow all 11 finalists!

Swing Challenge 2017

In the Swing Challenge, we're looking for the world's best discretionary trader over the total duration of the competition. This contest runs in parallel with the Trading World Cup from 1 January to 15 December 2017, but this account is not reset monthly to the start-up capital but traded without interruption. The trader that shows the highest equity in his account at the end of the competition for a maximum of 25 trades per month will be the Swing Champion.

EA Challenge 2017

In the EA Challenge every developer of fully automated trading systems has the chance to show off a trading robot (Expert Advisor) of their choice in MetaTrader 4. This competition lasts as long as the main event, namely from 1 January to 15 December 2017. The developer of the Expert Advisor that shows the highest equity in his account at the end of the competition will be inveus's first EA Champion.

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