In a nutshell: What is this all about?

How much does it cost to participate?

What will I get?

What are the inveus Trading Awards dates?

Can I join the contest when it is already officially underway?

Who is the broker?

Do I have to change my broker to participate?

What are my obligations as a participant vis-à-vis the broker or others?

How does the Trading World Cup work?

What is the purpose of the Wildcard?

When will the Trading World Cup finale take place?

What will I have to pay for if I qualify for the final?

What prizes can I win as a finalist in the Trading World Cup?

Do you impose a loss limit in the final?

Where will the final be hosted?

Will it be possible to watch a live broadcast of the final?

How does the Swing Challenge work?

What can I win as a participant of the Swing Challenge?

How does the EA Challenge work?

What can I win as a participant of the EA Challenge?

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