What else is in the package?

In addition to the three exciting challenges, the competition package includes a lot of other great features that will make the Trading Awards even more interesting for all participants. Some specials are free, others can be purchased in the Shop for a small fee. But whether free or not, all of our specials have one thing in common:

They make the competition package complete!


You weren't able to qualify for the Trading World Cup finals? No worries: the Wildcard enables you to take part in the Trading World Cup finals as the 11th finalist. Flight and hotel included! 

When you register for the inveus Trading Awards 2017, you can buy a ticket for each month you take part in the competition for EUR 9.90 apiece. The Wildcard will be raffled on 4 November 2017 at 18:00 CET.




The new StereoTrader trading platform doesn't only extend MetaTrader, it sets new standards. As a Trading Awards participant, you get a free trial version! StereoTrader is not just an extension of MetaTrader 4. This CFD trading platform sets entirely new standards in terms of handling, functionality and speed!



Refer a friend!

Referring friends has benefits: each of your referrals that registers and buys at least one ticket for the Wildcard raffle gets you a ticket for yourself!




The Trading World Cup 2017 finals in a webcast! Participants can watch the 11 finalists live at a discounted price! 

The showdown in Barcelona will be broadcast LIVE on the internet when 10 of the best traders in the world and the winner of the Wildcard fight for the title of Trading World Champion!




A lot of traders are doing well. A lot of people are not. As traders, we want to help those who are in need and have therefore joined forces with HelpDirect, Germany's first online charity portal.